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Black Tor

VBA: A Few Tips

Simple VBA

Excel VBA

Some downloads to help.
Please revisit the site over the next few days and weeks as more content and helpful code is added.

Workbook & VBA Examples

Excel VBA

Below are some examples of workbooks which can be used for project management, also below are a number of modules in bas file format which can be downloaded.
Use these examples freely.


  • Attendance, This workbook can be used to record attendance.
  • Gantt Chart, This workbook contains a table with an attendant gantt chart
  • Gantt Table, Here we have a gantt table using cells instead of a chart to show progress
  • Examples, This workbook contains a grid of demonstrateable routines which can be utilised.
  • Black Tor, A collection of code examples.

Code Modules (bas format)

  • Suicide, for use in trial software this deletes the workbook if the set date is passed.
  • Variables, a single module carrying a list of commonly used variables names to be used to avoid confusion.
  • UDF, some User Defined Functions which can be utilised in workbooks or VBA routines.
  • Optimise, options to optimise and resize Excel.
  • Effects All, routines that perform actions on all items within a workbook.
  • Password Unlock, unlock sheets, workbooks or VBA protection.
  • Reusable, simple routines which can be adapted for a wide variety of situations.
  • Folders & Files, manipulate and example files & folders.
  • Code128, insert a bar code using the 128 format.
  • Various, other code which didn't quiet fit into the above descriptors.

Helpful Tools

Get User Input

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Working on it!

Currently this site is under re-construction and this page amongst many is constantly being updated with information. Please revisit the site over the next few days and weeks as we add more content.