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Excel: A Brief Guide

Getting Started

The first step in using Excel is learning how to use the functions that it contains to provide you with the totals and information that you want. You can enter functions or formulas by either typing the formula directly into the cell, by using the drop down menus contained in the Formula tab of the ribbon or using the button labeled AutoSum. The formulas have been divided into different sections to help you locate what you need. When entering a formula manually the first character you enter after the equals sign will produce a list of the functions that start with this letter, from here you can either select the complete typing the formula name or select the appropriate name.
When typing the formula directly into a cell little additional help is given. However when using the drawdown box option a small form is provided with a description of what is required in each part of the formula. Commonly formulas are divided internally by either a comma to denote differing sections or stages of the formula, ranges of cells are separated by a colon.


As a starting place this is the formula that is the most common and simple for people to use. However many people do not realise how versatile it is. formula used



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