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Black Tor

A Little Bit About Us

About Us!

The Devon Flag

Black Tor Consulting Limited was named after one of the less well known Tor's found on Dartmoor in Devon. Visiting our site it is common to assume that the green featured on the site and in our logo represent the green of Excel, but that is not the case. The three main accent colours (green, black and white) for our site are actually derived from the flag of Devon. Until recently Devon did not actually have a flag of any sort and one was only chosen after the BBC launched a competition to design one for the county.

We are however firmly located in rural Essex and not Devon, as the commute to London is rather long from the west country, and constant exposure to cream teas is very bad for our waist lines.

Staff Members

Jay Knox-Crichton

Jay Knox-Crichton

An Excel guru and our technical expert in most areas. Jay has had extensive experience working in first tier investment banks including Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, Citi, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and UBS he has also managed to fit in time with leading international law firms such as Linklaters LLP and Norton Rose Fulbright LLP.

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Kris Knox-Crichton, BA (Hons)

Kris Knox-Crichton

Our creative drive and technical expert. Kris studied product design and has since worked in advertising, web design and maintenance.

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Jasper, The Destroyer

Warm, friendly and vocal (at feeding time). Cool, aloof and mostly sleepy for the rest of the time. Jasper is attracted to power, specifically items that are on charge. He is a keen mouser and has severed the leads for at least two so far. His cable of preference currently is the Apple recharging lead and so far has severed three whilst they were plugged in with his teeth. However he is not a snob and has also happily munched and destroyed Blackberry, Kindle and Nexus cables proving that he can work with multiple technologies. So far the thicker Dell, HP and Samsung cables have defeated him. His access for various areas of the office have been revoked.

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