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VBA: Available Tips

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Excel VBA

On this site are a number of snippets and examples of VBA which can be used to automate various Office products but most commonly Excel. This page contains links to each of the examples which provide explanations and code that you can use within your own solutions.
Here is the list...

  1. Last Row and/of Column: Find the last used row or column in a sheet.
  2. Add A Sheet: Add a new sheet to your workbook in a specific location.
  3. Insert Row/Column: Insert a row or column above a specified or active cell.
  4. Format A Range: Change the number, date or text format of a range of cells.
  5. Colour Cells: Alter the fill colour of specific cells.
  6. Delete Row: Delete a row (or column) without warning.
  7. Delete A Cell: Delete an individual cell from a range.
  8. Create A Pivot Table: Examine a range and create a pivot table from it.
  9. Split some Text: Divide concatenated data into individual components.
  10. A Formula In Code: Use a formula within the sub.
  11. Formula in a Cell: Place a basic formula into a worksheet.
  12. Use R1C1 in Formulas: Use R1C1 to place a fixed formula.
  13. R1C1 Relative to Cell: Use R1C1 to place a formula which works relative to its location.
  14. Get User Input: Display an input box for the user to type in.
  15. Find Directory
  16. IF: Simple explanation and use of IF.
  17. Single IF: Reducing an IF check to a single line process.
  18. More IF's:Adding additional checks to an IF process.
  19. Select Case: Check for multiple results.
Additionally there are also some User Defined Functions shown here.
  1. Get the Last Row Number: Find the last used row in a column either on a specified or the active sheet.
  2. Get the Last Column Number: As
  3. Get the Last Column Letter
  4. Check a File Exists

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Currently this site is under re-construction and this page amongst many is constantly being updated with information. Please revisit the site over the next few days and weeks as we add more content.